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DURING winter BREAK, december 21-28*, 2019 &

december 28, 2019 -january 4*, 2020





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Encourage. Embrace. Empower

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Join us for a week long adventure in magical Morocco as we explore as a community of sisterhood from the desert to the sea. We will travel to the remote southern region of Morocco to experience an authentic seaside fishing village. Stunning remote coastlines dot this region, backed by the Anti Atlas Mountains, with vast stretches of sandy beaches. You will find empty surf line-ups of all types of breaks: point, beach, lefts, rights and for all surf capabilities from newcomer to advanced. As we experience this journey together, we will work on opening our hearts and minds to new adventures, cultures, friends and our inner possibilities.

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Yoga, Meditation and Dream Making Workshops

We will deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us as we take to practicing yoga twice a day at our tranquil villa. Our day begins with a more active yoga vinyasa flow led by our wonderful teachers, Carly of Papaya Wellness and Mama Liz. As we listen deeply and tune in to our inner hearts we will see greater clarity and focus. Liv and Liz will lead us through dream making workshops to help us channel our dreams and desires into a path of reality. After the day’s adventures, be it surfing, exploring artisan market souks for handcrafted goods or visiting a Moroccan-style bath house or Hammam, we will be ready to relax into our second yoga nidra practice as the moon rises and lights the way.

Surf Endless Waves In Solitude

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With nearly endless stretches of empty beaches along the southern coastline, we will be able to learn and progress our surfing without the crowds unlike other surf towns in Morocco. The water is pristine, and we will have our pick of perfect peaks to express our surf creativity. With ISI certified instructor, Hassan, and his team, we will be taken care of with a coach to student ratio of 3:1. Safety and attentive care is our priority, but above all we want you to have fun! Our learning environment is welcoming and supportive. 

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Desert to the Sea – Overnight 4x4 Camping Trip

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Our adventurous spirt will be indulged with an overnight camping trip to the desert. Traveling in a 4x4 vehicle and stopping for cultural sights and architecture along the way, we will arrive to where the desert meets the sea. Under the twinkling stars and moon, we will share stories around the campfire, eat traditional Berber foods and enjoy local music. At first light if the conditions are right, we will be ready to surf a truly deserted surf break, right at the gateway of the Sahara Desert (available upon request).

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Experience the Culture of Morocco Away From the Hustle

A visit to a traditional market, or souk, is a must, and we will travel to a nearby small town known for their handcrafted silverwares and jewelry. Morocco is also famous for its pure Argan oil, and the Berber region is full of Argan trees. We will visit a woman’s cooperative to see how the ladies process Argan oil. Lastly, no visit to Morocco should be complete without a trip to the local Hammam, a Moroccan style bath house spa. Your surf muscles will thank you as you relax in this head-to-toe scrub and massage treatment (basic included and luxury available for additional charge). We will also have some surprises for you throughout the week to some jaw dropping scenery and walks.

Our final night before our group departs will be a celebratory BBQ dinner with traditional Berber dancing. Here you have a choice to return by air through Agadir or travel to 1 of 2 optional side trips below.

Optional Retreat Excursions

1 guided day/night in Marrakesh – Available beofer or after your retreat

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Experience the rich and vibrant city of Marrakesh, famous for its markets, as an add-on trip before we depart. We will tour the best of Marrakesh together and enjoy a stay in a traditional riad.

3 night Camel Trek into the Desert Excursion – Available with Marrakesh option

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This 3-night trip departs Agadir or Marrakesh on our last day of the retreat and embarks on a journey deep into the Saharan desert. It will take 1 day to travel there and back on route small towns that take us to the gateway. From there we will take an overnight trip aboard a camel and ride into the golden dunes of the desert.

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Where We Will Stay

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Our retreat base is located in the south of Morocco in a small village called Mirleft. It’s the kind of place described “as if time stopped”. It has quaint and off-the-beaten track appeal that has been attracting those looking for something a little different for years.

We will stay in a beautiful and comfortable villa with a lovely pool where we will gather to practice yoga during the day. 

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Book Now

To inquire or book a spot, please email We will ask for a non-refundable $500 USD deposit to hold your spot. $2295 pp double occupancy, limited single occupancy available.Early bird discounts available. Must be paid in full within 10 weeks of travel. Click here to reserve your week.

What Is Included in the Moroccan Moon Retreat

·     Airport transfers from and to Agadir – Al Massira or Marrakech Menara.  Easy Jet and Royal Air Maroc have reliable connections from London airports fro those flying from North America

·     7 nights, shared occupancy accommodation at our retreat villa. Guests will be sharing based on 2 or maximum 3 individuals per room. Single occupancy availability as well at additional cost.

·     All meals including Insert info about meals. We will do our best to accommodate dietary requests made in advance. Insert info about beverages – what is included, tea, coffee, what about juices etc? Obviously no alcohol included

·     Yoga twice a day with Carly and Mama Liz

·     Daily surf lessons with ISI certified local instructors

·     4x4 Desert Surf and Camp excursion to sleep under the stars

·     Day trips to local sights and culture including a souk market, hammam, and argan oil cooperative

·     Dream making workshop by Liz and Liv

·     DRYFT Wellness x Noorish Tofino Grateful Goodies – hand curated by us with care to show you        our appreciation for being here

What is Not Included

·     Airfare

·     Alcoholic beverages

·     Any additional meals or food and snacks purchased at restaurants

·     Tips for the local staff – we believe in showing our appreciate so please do bring some small            change for the local staff as gratuities if you feel like they showed you a good time

Click here to BOOK NOW

Getting Here

From North America to London - Most major airlines

London to Marrakech or Agadir - Royal Air Maroc or Easy Jet

Be sure to forward your flight information to us so we can meet you at the respective airport in Morocco


About Your Retreat Leaders



“Each breath is a gift and each new day is a fresh opportunity to create the life that you want. Live with joy and express your love"

I walk a path of self-inquiry and yoga has been a beautiful tool in this ongoing exploration. Yoga started as the balancing medium for other physical pursuits in my life and has now become a deep source of nourishment and the grounded platform from which I move.

Surfing lights my fire and has led me on adventures all over the globe. My love and connection to the ocean is probably my greatest influence and source of inspiration in my yoga practice. Sharing the ocean, its power, immensity and beauty is a true and humbling gift. Every day I am amazed at the parallels and lessons we learn from mother ocean and how they can be applied to bringing mindfulness, an open heart and a free flowing attitude into all moments in life. I am learning to let go more and more by the day...riding the waves.

I advocate for women empowering women, through taking our health with a balanced and loving approach and using creativity as a tool in self-realization. Teaching, sharing my passion and encouraging you to find what it is that inspires you, is what keeps my stoke going!



"Create your own paradise, wherever you are...."

Liv Hung is your principle host at Noorish Tofino. Her goal is to create the best possible retreat experience you can have, ensuring you are well fed, relaxed and open to whatever adventures you are ready to embark on.

Noorish was born out of a passion to connect women to themselves and to each other through nature and wellness immersion.

Liv is a passionate traveler who fell in love with surfing on a trip to New Zealand. She has been chasing peaks ever since. Through her travels, she has connected with many inspiring and strong women who have helped her take the path today as a retreat leader. She loves connecting with others, whipping up meals for her family and friends, and in general, enjoying living the "slow" life.

Liv wears many hats in her day to day life: mom to twin boys, digital marketing consultant, interior designer and dog wrangler.


"make life count"

Mama Liz is co-hosting the Surf & Wellness retreats with Liv Hung with the goal of deepening each of our connection to ourselves and the world around us.

After a multiple year hiatus, during which Mama Liz faced some serious personal and health challenges in her life, including radical double mastectomy in 2013 she began surfing again while on a vacation in Nicaragua with her daughters. Her love of surfing was rekindled and now having combined her love of surfing, travel, and yoga Mama Liz laid down roots in Nicaragua and enjoys sharing her passion with others.

Now a 200 hour YRT, Mama Liz has worn many hats during her lifetime including: a 20 year veteran of Wall Street; a ski instructor; a certified gyrotonics instructor; and a lifeguard.

Mama Liz is overjoyed to have the opportunity to share her passion of surfing, yoga, and travel, with so many other dynamic, friendly and talented woman.

Moroccan Culture

Morocco has a vibrant and unique culture that can fascinate visitors. We have put together the below tips and recommendations 


What to Bring on Retreat

1.     Yoga Mat

2.     Re-useable water bottle

3.     Lightweight clothing for the day (see this link for tips on What To Wear – link this to Be sure to bring some warmer clothing for the evenings such as a sweater, lightweight fleece and/or light weight waterproof jacket. If you get cold you might want to consider bringing a lightweight base layer top and bottom for the camping excursion

4.     Sun hat, sunglasses and adequate sunscreen protection

5.     Walking shoes or hiking boots

6.     Summer wetsuit if you own one. The water is Morocco is roughly 19 degrees Celsius in May. For those who get cooler in the water a full length 3/2 mil wetstuit is an option. For those who tend to get hot surfing a short wetsuit may suffice. Surf booties or reef shoes if you have them as some breaks may have rocky bottom

7.     Copy of important medical prescriptions and medications

8.     Extra glasses and contact lenses if applicable

9.     Copy of your passport, personal identification and emergency contact information

10.Any extra snacks, supplements that you can’t go without

Retreat FAQ


There are so many reasons to go! A retreat is a great way to learn about yourself, to tune into your needs and wants, to relax and to have fun. Being in a new environment and trying new activities together with a group of other ladies is an immensely strong bonding experience. You will come away with new friends and a feeling of community. Taking time out to nurture yourself, to challenge your body and mind, and to eat well will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, and of course, nourished! 


We love newcomers! Our retreat activities are aimed for everyone, including those who may have tried certain activities before. Our instructors are highly experienced to teach beginners, and are in tune with your needs. Should you have more advanced instruction requests, for surfing or yoga, please inquire in advance and we will accommodate for your experience level. We welcome ladies or all ages and experience levels to join our retreats. While we believe in pushing your personal boundaries when it feels right, you also always have the option to sit out an activity if you're not feeling it. Let us know and we can make a plan for you.


Give it a try! It's invigorating to travel on your own and meet new people. You learn so much about yourself when you travel on your own and you have the space to be more introspective. Some of the best friendships have been born out of solo traveling.


We love friends! While traveling alone is awesome, bringing a bestie (or two or three!) is a great way to create lasting memories. The more the merrier!


A sense of adventure, an open heart and mind! Please see our "What To Bring" page for details for each specific retreat.


Upon booking, we will ask you to complete an information form upon which you can provide any dietary and allergy requests. 


As this is a women's retreat, we respectfully ask that you leave them at home. 


Absolutely. You'll love it!


Our retreat takes place in Mirleft which is roughly 2 hours from Agadir.  From North America, the gateway to Agadir is via Gatwick Airport in Southeast England. EasyJet offers direct flights that takes roughly 4 hours. From Heathrow to Agadir, there is typically one stop via Casablanca or Paris taking roughly 5.5 hours. You may also book flights to Marrakesh through Gatwick or Heathrow Airport. We will provide transport to Mirleft from Marrakesh. This option may be more suitable for those who are completing the additional optional excursions for 1 night in Marrakesh or camel desert trekking.


There is a pharmacy in Mirleft for medical needs and there is a large hospital in Agadir as well as a doctor on call in Mirleft.




We provide all wetsuit (you can bring your own if you like) and surfboard rentals included in the cost of your retreat.


Not at all. If you're not feeling it, need some alone time or prefer to do something else, you can always opt-out. It's all about going with the flow and enjoying your trip, the way you want to.


Absolutely. Part of our planning is to make sure you get enough time to simply unwind however you choose to. While we will have lots of activities to choose from, we want to make sure guests don't feel rushed and enjoy their retreat.

Cancellation and Refund policy for tours last 5 or more days

  • All purchases are subject to re-confirmation within one business day after purchase, customers will be fully refunded if the orders cannot be confirmed.

  • Cancellations received within 185 days (or more) of departure will incur a penalty of 10% per person.

  • Cancellations received within 154 days of departure will incur a penalty of 25% per person.

  • Cancellations received within 123 days of departure will incur a penalty of 50% per person.

  • Cancellations received within 92 days of departure will incur a penalty of 100% per person.

  • Unused features are non-refundable. No shows forfeit entire payment.

  • Trips require a minimum number of participants to avoid cancellation. We reserve the right to cancel a schedule trip and fully refund affected customers although DRYFT WATERSPORTS will make every effort to maintain the normal operation.

  • There is 6% handling fee added-on to the above penalties.

Refund Procedure

Customers requesting a refund are required to email, mail or fax their formal letters with a detail explanation to:

Attn: Mama Liz
PO Box 442
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

Phone: 212.879.3554
Fax: 888.630.9545

Your refund request will be answered and processed promptly. If you do not receive the reply within one business day, please call the office immediately. We will not be responsible if email, mail or fax fail to reach us.

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