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Spot-M specialise in surfing holidays in Morocco, with packages to suit all budgets, ages and surfing ability. Spot-M is owned by surfers who wanted to be able to offer something truly special, with unrivalled customer service. Contact us today to see why our customers keep coming back.
Having spent years traveling the whole world we know what makes a great surf holiday and our customer service led ethos is unique. We avoid crowded areas preferring to travel to unspoilt locations a little off the beaten track and you will always be looked after by the Spot-M team. Your best holiday is our priority.

Liv Hung is the creator and principle host at Noorish Tofino Retreats. Noorish was born out of a passion to connect women to themselves and to each other through nature and wellness immersion. Liv's goal is to create an open retreat environment where women of all backgrounds, experience levels and cultures feel welcome and safe to participate.

Liv is a passionate traveler who fell in love with surfing on a trip to New Zealand. She has been chasing peaks ever since. Through her travels, which include Asia, Australia, Southern Africa, Europe and Central America, she has connected with many inspiring women who have helped her take the path today as a retreat leader. She loves connecting with others, whipping up meals for her family and friends, and in general, enjoying living the "slow" life.

Liv wears many hats in her day to day life: mom to twin boys, digital marketing consultant, interior designer and dog wrangler. She was also previously a strategic planner and digital marketer at an advertising agency, and a lecturer in marketing communications at a Vancouver university. Liv was born in Hong Kong, lived in Thailand and grew up mostly in Vancouver, Canada.

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“Each breath is a gift and each new day is a fresh opportunity to create the life that you want. Live with joy and express your love"

Carly Chivers is owner and operator of Papaya Wellness. I walk a path of self inquiry and yoga has been a beautiful tool in this ongoing exploration. Yoga started as the balancing medium for other physical pursuits in my life and has now become a deep source of nourishment and the grounded platform from which I move.

Surfing lights my fire and has led me on adventures all over the globe. My love and connection to the ocean is probably my greatest influence and source of inspiration in my yoga practice. Sharing the ocean, its power, immensity and beauty is a true and humbling gift. Everyday I am amazed at the parallels and lessons we learn from mother ocean and how they can be applied to bringing mindfulness, an open heart and a free flowing attitude into all moments in life. I am learning to let go more and more by the day..riding the waves.

I advocate for women empowering women, through taking our health with a balanced and loving approach and using creativity as a tool in self realization. Teaching, sharing my passion and encouraging you to find what it is that inspires you, is what keeps my stoke going!